A story about a guy in love with the cosmos (and maybe two girls), and the complicated histories that bring us together and tear us apart... ​​​​​​​ READ MORE

A dark and moving novel about the mystery surrounding a teenage girl's fatal overdose.... ​​​​​​​​​​​​ READ MORE

A powerful debut novel about a girl living a not-so-glamorous life in a city that's all about glamour.... ​​​​​​​​​​​​ READ MORE


VIDEO : First Kisses, First Love, and the Cosmos? Get Riveted by the Universal Laws of Marco...


What would you do if your first love suddenly came back into your life? Carmen Rodrigues stopped by RivetedLit.com to talk first love and 3 reasons why you should be riveted by her new book, ​​​​​ The Universal Laws of Marco. 

3 MIN Video

VIDEO: Marco Suarez has a story to tell 

A few actually! Stories about family, friends, and... wormholes!

Yep, wormholes . That theoretical passageway through space and time. 

Get the story behind this fun fact in this brief 45 SEC Video

AUDIO:  Writing Beyond Borders, Gleaming the Cube, and What's Your Patronus? Get Eclectic with this Audio Interview by Super Readers Jeannette and Meredith...


Eclectic Reader cohosts Jeannette and Meredith sat down with authors Alex London and Carmen Rodrigues at the 2019 NoVa Teen Book Festival , who met for the first time at the interview, but quickly bonded over their shared love of early Christian Slater movies. Then they learned that Dolphins are the frat boys of the sea, discussed how authors shouldn’t be pinned down by genres, and that a great book can be so much smarter than its author.

27 MIN Listen